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The information from this website has been removed. Please contact for further information.

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This website is for information purposes only. The content may be removed or changed without prior notice. Mistakes or inaccuracies in this site may be the result of human error as every effort is made by the author to provide accurate information, therefore the author excludes all liability. The author can also accept no liability for the content contained in links to third-party websites.

Comments that are deemed by the author to be inappropriate or insulting will be removed with no need for prior warning.

Although I am a qualified and registered therapist, any opinions or advice I give are purely my own and should be taken at your own risk, doing your own wider research is preferable to taking one person’s advice on the internet! You are entirely responsible for how you choose to interpret my writings and audio.

I can accept no responsibility for any adverse affects, direct or indirect, that may result from your use of the information on this website or in any of my communications. Furthermore, I make no guarantees that any of the information or practices on this website or that I may write about will create the same great benefits that I myself have enjoyed using these practices. By using this website, you agree that you use the information contained here-in entirely at your own discretion.

If you have a history of mental illness, then please consult with your health care provider before using advice online.

  1. Sember permalink

    I wound love the no poo shampoo recipelol

  2. hi laura,
    it’s me marika and i want to say hi 🙂

  3. Rae permalink

    Hi Laura – You do such an amazing job! Well done – Congratulations!!!!

  4. Hello Laura. ^_^ You are truly amazing, thank you for your support in all of these troubling areas, it’s really appreciated from everyone, I’m sure.

  5. Lilly permalink

    Hi Laura, I’m just wondering how I get in contact with you. One of my friends recently posted a blog. Is there any possible way I can have your Email so I can talk to you and send you something I wrote. I would like to show you, and i heard your amazing xxx

  6. Lilly permalink

    I Sent you my Blog through your Email you gave me from your reply. I’m Mae.howrse@********

  7. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing

  8. Miros Venegas permalink

    Hi Laura, I found you after hash tagging “plantbasedtreatment” and then peaked at your IG account. Then I became curious after seeing your pregnancy shots, I wanted to see your seed as well, since I Iooove babies.This curiosity brought me to your website where I felt uplifted and with hope after reading your words.
    I’ve been stressed after starting a tiny skincare business, doubting myself and my ability to heal. I have been extremely slow and my space is far ftom economical. Living in San Jose, Ca is tough right now.We have seen our homes quadruple in price and many are leaving their downtown homes as engineer and tech implants from all nations across the globe are settling in our neighborhoods.Our rents have skyrocketed as people are offering landlords double the asking price. Basically those of us that do not make six figures are just barely getting by. It’s ok though, your words have motivated me. I will figure this out soon enough.. You are a ray of sunshine, thank you for reaching out to the universe with love. Today I received a lil of your sunshine..Stay healthy and congratulations! !!

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